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We maintain the aura by replacing the unavailable flowers by the upgraded ones exhibiting the similar appeal in terms of aspects and color combinations. We at ensure a well-timed delivery of Happiness meant for your special moments. In case if you still do not agree to our Floral Policy please investigate about the availability of your Flowers in advance to abstain any inconvenience. call us @ +91-8869990007, to make sure about the availability of your flowers beforehand in case you do not wish to make any substitution in your floral arrangements.


Your floral extravaganza would never apprehend a Full stop. Our exemplary florist attempt to interpret all your floral fantasies and even in cases of seasonal constraints, these expert hands clone the orders as much akin as ordered. We would take all necessary steps to bring even the rarest of rare flowers available to you but in cases of unavailability or seasonal constraints, we would substitute the flowers by an upgraded quality flower similar in appearance and color to clone your orders. We ensure the best possible measures to replicate your order by generating the "same look and feel". But due to the practical unavailability of flowers on account of seasonal constraints - we do reserve the Rights to do certain fair and reasonable changes in your orders maintaining the agnate quality and creativity standards.


As these cakes are delivered from the preeminent local bakeries there is a probability of having a different icing on the cake unlike the pictures displayed. For instance, if a particular flavor is not available, at the given time frame, we replace it with a different flavor similar in shape and appearance to maintain the charm of your occasion.The words you want to convey may fit in a card attached with, the cake if found lengthy or if it’s not feasible for it to be engraved on the cake.

We at the would love to tickle your tongue with the same aroma of cakes demanded but at times due to regional constraints the cakes ordered may be substituted by other flavors depending upon the availability factors. Particularly in small cities missing out the well-implemented bakeries or at times when the harsh weather condition refrains us from delivering the cakes in their best forms -we may substitute your order with the highest and the finest available options.


Although these sweet creatures you orde have never generally troubled any orders, as they are readily available but still if we find any such constraints we may substitute the confectionery and sweets with the best available options and the sender would be informed about the same if possible.


We would make sure to embrace you with the same teddy you demanded. But in case, the same color teddy is not available we’ll keep up your teddy love by substituting it with a different color teddy of the same size, quality and range. In case if you have any query related with our substitution policy or you do not want to substitute any of your orders


please call us @ +91-8869990007, 9519520202 to check the availability and feasibility of your orders before hand.